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Dental Insurance

     The Company's health and dental insurance plan provides regular full-time employees access to dental insurance benefits after 60 days from date of hire. Eligible employees may participate in the dental insurance plan subject to all terms and conditions of the agreement between the Company and the insurance carriers. The company offers eligible employees with individual, couple, employee and child or family coverage. New employees will receive an enrollment package prior to their 60 day anniversary date.


     The Company pays a percentage of the monthly cost of dental insurance for eligible employees. Through payroll deductions, employees pay the remaining premium amount. It will be necessary for you to contact the office for calculations on premiums and payroll deductions.


     For those employees considering enrollment in the Company's dental plan, an enrollment form and a summary of benefits for the Company's plan are available below for your use.


     If you are already a participant in the Company's dental plan, you can obtain information about plan benefits, claims activity, health and wellness tips, and even print out an ID card by clicking on the following link: Participants will need to have their social security numbers available. 

Principal Dental Summary of Benefits
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Principal Enrollment Form
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