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Direct Deposit

     The Company offers direct deposit of paychecks. Participation in direct deposit requires that you provide the Company with your bank's routing number and the account number of your checking or savings account. Employees who choose to participate in direct deposit must sign an authorization form and provide the Company Payroll Clerk with a voided check for checking accounts or a deposit slip for savings accounts.


     In lieu of a regular check, direct deposit participants will receive a check for zero dollars with a stub indicating the amount paid for the hours worked, all deductions and the amount of their direct deposit. Each employee is responsible for verifying that the direct deposit money has been deposited into their account before attempting to withdraw it or write checks against, as well as verifying that the amount is accurate.


     It is the employee's responsibility to notify the Company Payroll Clerk in writing when a direct deposit account is closed, the account number changes or the bank's routing number changes; otherwise your direct deposit could be affected.


     Participation in direct deposit can be terminated by providing written notice to the Company's Payroll Clerk. Employees should allow one week from date of notice for termination of direct deposit. The Company reserves the right to cease providing direct deposit to any or all employees at any time.

Direct Deposit Form
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Direct Deposit Termination Form
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