Dover, NH

     Severino Trucking was awarded the largest construction project the State has put out to bid in May of 2016: The Newington/Dover Project. This project is the final phase of construction that will connect the Spaulding Turnpike from the Dover Toll to Exit 1 at the Pease Trade Port with a four-lane highway for both the North and Southbound lanes. The project involves not only the widening of the Spaulding Turnpike, but also the construction of a full access interchange at Exit 6; removal of the existing US Route 4 Bridge over the Spaulding Turnpike along with the construction of a new bridge, construction of a roundabout at the intersection of US Route 4/Spur Road/Boston Harbor Road; construction of 18,000 lf of sound walls; and City of Dover water and sewer relocations.

     The Dover/ Newington project is one of the most complex projects to date being that has 8 traffic phases and subsequent phases within those to complete the project. There are also new items to Severino that will need to be completed for the project: one being High Modulus Columns that will support footings on the new US Route 4 Bridge and the other bring micro tunneling for new water and sewer lines under the Turnpike.

     Along with the new items are the standard construction items that are very familiar to Severino Trucking, but will be done on a much larger scale. Some of these items include 210,00 cy of excavation, 231,000 cy of embankment-in-place, 250,000 cy of selects, 85,000 tons of pavement, 262,150 sf of wood panel sound walls, 31,000 lf of drainage pipe, 468 drainage structures, two sewer pump stations, 3,700 lf of sewer pipe, and 3,000 lf of water pipe.


Londonderry, NH

     This project is a continuation of a multi-phase subdivision in Londonderry. In the remaining phases, it consists of 5,400 LF of roadway to be constructed with drainage, sewer, and water throughout the entire site. This job includes about 50,000 CY of ledge blasting, as well as 70,000 CY +/- of excavation and 60,000 CY +/- of embankment. Between the remaining two phases, Severino will also prepare 85 house lots to be ready for foundations. 

     Lorden Commons also includes an offsite waterline to be constructed along Old Derry Road to feed the proposed subdivision. This project began summer of 2019 and is scheduled to be completed fall 2020. 


Dover, NH

      Belknap & Elm Reconstruction is a utility and streetscape project aimed at updating the drainage, waterline, road and walkways across four streets in Dover. The utility scope includes 4,000 LF of drainage and 5,700 LF of water. The roadway portions includes a full depth reconstruction, granite curb, and a combination of new concrete and brick walkways. 


Exeter, NH

     The Unitil site is located on Continental Drive in Exeter, accompanying two other site jobs completed by Severino. This project includes 12,500 CY of ledge excavation, 10,000 CY of common excavation & 39,000 CY of embankment. Because of the close wetland proximity, this site did not allow much room for open drainage. The solution included installing a 17,550 SF Underground Stormwater Management Area using 60" HDPE. 

     This site also includes a 20,000 SF office building attached to a shop, warehouse & vehicle storage building of about 31,500 SF. 

Islington Street Corridor Improvements

Portsmouth, NH

     Islington Street is one of the City's highest trafficked streets leading to the downtown. This project is a major infrastructure and roadway reconstruction. Utility replacement includes 2,900 LF of sewer, 3,300 LF of water, and 3,000 LF of drainage. The roadway will be fully reconstructed with new full depth selects and paving. 

     In keeping with other streets in the City, Islington will also have an extensive hardscape and landscaping upgrade. Concrete sidewalks, brick paver bands and landscape esplanades will round out the enhancements.