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Company Overview

What We Do

Severino Trucking Co., Inc. is an excavation contractor with over 49 years of experience in road construction and site development. Working in southern New Hampshire, northeastern Massachusetts and southern Maine, our scope of work includes commercial site development, private subdivision roads, municipal road construction and NH DOT federally funded road construction.


      Severino Trucking Co., Inc. started in 1975 when Ron Severino (Owner and President), at the age of 19, started out as a one-man operation hauling sand and gravel. He soon branched out to include construction of driveways and septic systems and excavating house lots. As the employee and equipment base expanded, the company started bidding commercial work and small municipal projects.


      In 1980, Tom Severino joined the company as a part-time employee while attending high school. In 1984, he came on board as a full-time employee while attending University of Lowell at night for civil engineering. As Co-Owner and Vice-President, Tom oversees the field operations.


      In 1983, the company incorporated, becoming Severino Trucking Co., Inc. At this same time, the economy was flourishing and the company began to take on larger commercial projects, as well as state and federally funded projects.


      By the year 2000, the company had grown to 100+ employees and was working on major highway projects and large retail sites.


 Severino’s continued commitment to quality and integrity has helped the company to grow, building new customers one job at a time by earning their confidence and respect.


Ron Severino, age 19, with his first truck
Tom Severino, age 10, operating a dozer


Severino Trucking Co., Inc. maintains a substantial equipment fleet that supports the needs of the projects we specialize in. As with our work, we take pride in the maintenance of our equipment, thus limiting the amount of downtime for servicing and helping to ensure timeliness of project schedules.

Below is a listing of our available equipment:


  • 33 Loaders

  • 65 Excavators

  • 20 Dozers

  • 15 Articulating Trucks

  • 10 Screeners

  • 8 Crushers

  • 3 Graders

  • 21 Rollers

  • 10 Dump Trucks

  • 12 Road Tractors

  • 15 Tri-Axle Trucks

  • 4 Water Trucks

  • 8 Service Trucks

  • 1 Ramp Truck

  • 1 Crane Truck

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