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Severino Trucking Co., Inc. 401(k) Plan

     Subject to Plan requirements, all full-time employees, age 21 and over, are eligible to participate in the Company's deferred compensation plan. Employees may begin their participation in the Plan on the first of the month following six months from date of hire. The Company may make discretionary contributions to the Plan. For further information regarding eligibility requirements, vesting schedule and contribution limitations, please consult the Office Manager.


     If you are already a participant in the Company's 401(k) plan, you can obtain information about your account by clicking on the following link: At the ADP webpage, you'll be able to view your account balance, rate of return, and investment allocation, as well as view transaction history. You can also print your quarterly statements, apply for a loan and transfer balances between your funds. The site also provides a daily market summary, and tips on allocations and how to maximize your gains.


     When you enrolled in the plan, ADP sent you a letter with your login information. If you do not have that available, just click on "Forgot ID" and "Forgot Password" to reset.

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401(k) Plan Form

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