• Concord Downtown #23717
  • Manchester #14966
  • Somersworth Downtown

Concord Downtown #23717

Manchester #14966

Exit 4 - Interstate 293, Manchester, NH Replacement/Rehabilitation of Bridges

This project consists of replacing four red-listed bridges and rehabbing one red-listed bridge; constructing 19,769 of MSE retaining walls; 44,750 SF of wood panel sound wall anchored by 174 drilled shafts; constructing a third lane for the south bound barrel; ramp reconstruction and pavement rehab; drainage BMP's and improvements; water line relocation, and median barrier construction.

Project is scheduled for completion in November, 2016.

Somersworth Downtown

Somersworth Downtown Utilities and Infrastructure Project

The utility portion of the Somersworth project includes installation of 510 LF of 10" PVC sewer pipe and 1,000 LF of sewer services; replacement of 3,600 LF of 12" water pipe and 1,600 LF of water services, as well as installation of 4,500 LF of 15" - 30" diameter drainage pipe and 85 drainage structures.

Road work consists of reclamation and reconstruction of 3,300 LF of roadway. Reconstruction includes replacement of roadway base courses and pavement; installation of new vertical granite curb, concrete sidewalks and new decorative site lighting.

Site furnishing include the installation of benches and trash receptacles.

  • Little Bay Bridge
  • Lorden Commons, Londonderry, NH
  • Salem to Manchester #14633F
  • Rochester, #10620-I
  • Salem-Manchester, #14633E

Little Bay Bridge

Spaulding Turnpike (NH Route 16)


This project is a joint venture with Cianbro Corp. which involves the construction of a new
bridge to carry two north and south bound lanes over the Little Bay as well as a new pedestrian
bridge accessing the old General Sullivan Bridge.

Construction of 2300 LF of mainline will shift existing lanes onto the new four lane bridge to
allow the existing bridge deck to be overhauled in the next phase of highway improvements.

As for Hilton Drive, 2700 LF will be completely reconstructed and will allow two-way traffic to
access Hilton Park east and west.

Three MSE walls will be constructed-GSB pedestrian bridge approach, mainline bridge abutment
and along Hilton Drive to hold back mainline embankment all totaling 14,000 SF and ranging
from 8’ to 33’ in height.

Sound walls will be constructed atop 700 LF of the MSE wall on the west side of mainline.

Access for the Little Bay Bridge construction will include building a causeway 150 feet out into
the bay from each shoreline using 20,000 CY of class B stone up to 20’ below average water
level and 10’ above and 75’ wide. This was a challenge considering Little Bay has the strongest
currents in the U.S.A.

Material totals to complete this project will include 24,000 CY of gravel for under pavement,
12,700 ton of asphalt, 65,000 CY of common excavation, 45,000 CY of fill place, 12,000 SY of
invasive species control, 7,000 LF of drainage pipe, 122 concrete drainage structures, two large
storm water leeching galleries (BMP’s), 5,700 LF of granite curbing, demo and abatement of
three existing buildings, along with hundreds of other incidental items.

Job start date was 9/1/2010, and is scheduled for completion in October 2013, with the majority
of this time for the actual bridge construction.

Lorden Commons, Londonderry, NH

Lorden Commons is a multi-phase residential subdivision road off Old Derry Road in Londonderry, NH. The first phase consists of 51 house lots, 3,500 feet of paved subdivision road with a closed drainage system and seven detention ponds to maintain storm water quality. 

A sewer system was constructed and connected to the Town of Londonderry's municipal sewer system.  To complete this portion of the work, a half mile of cross country sewer main was installed through property to the Liberty Drive area off Route 28.

All lots are serviced by underground power, telephone and CATV connections.  To complete utilities, a 35,000 gallon fire cistern was installed in order to provide proper fire protection to homes being constructed on the project. 

Homes are under construction and the developer anticipates to fill lots on this phase before the end of the 2015 construction season and continue with the next phase of the project.

Salem to Manchester #14633F

Salem to Manchester #14633F

This NH DOT project situated in Londonderry, NH consists of constructing two miles of the north and sound bound barrels of Interstate 93.  Four red-listed bridges will be replaced as a result of the widening.  A half-mile of Route 28 (Rockingham Road) will be reconstructed and widened to improve traffic flow through the area.

The pipe crews will be converted to lagging and wall crews.  The new wave of bridge design are again utilizing MSE walls as the wings and abutments for the bridges.  Once the walls are done, the bridge crews can go to work on the seats, girders and decks.

Upon completion of the south bound barrel in the fall of 2012, the north bound traffic will join the south bound in a contra-flow traffic pattern all on the south bound lane allowing construction of the two miles of north bound to be completed without phasing.

In addition to the work at Exit 5, a wetland mitigation at Exit 4 will furnish the sand layer for the project.  One thousand feet of South Road will be reconstructed and a new box culvert will be installed to relieve flooding in the area.

Rochester, #10620-I

Rochester, NH

Exit 15, Spaulding Turnpike - Construction of approximately 0.5 miles of new northbound and southbound mainline, including realignment of the existing northbound and southbound on and off-ramps.

Work will include the replacement and widening of four existing bridges; Route 11 over Route 16, Route 16 over the Cocheco River, Route 16 over the abandoned B&M railroad, and Route 16 over Chestnut Hill Road. Also, one new bridge will be created for the southbound off-ramp over the Cocheco Backwater.

The new alignment requires the relocation of the City of Rochester’s existing 10” force main and 20” water main that runs under Route 16.

Drainage relocations will require jacking a 48” RCP under Route 11.

Route 11 will be reconstructed and widened to double its current width to accommodate the new on and off-ramps.

The new mainline and ramps will require over 400,000 CY of imported material for their construction.

The bridges will use 4.7 million lbs of steel and 12,000 CY of concrete.

Completion of the $28.8M project is scheduled for October of 2012.

Salem-Manchester, #14633E

Londonderry, NH

This NH DOT project situated in Londonderry, NH consists of moving the existing southbound on and off-ramps and the northbound on-ramp. This will allow the future phase of construction to widen the north and south bound barrels of Interstate 93 while in the meantime increasing acceleration and deceleration safety on the new ramps.

This presented new challenges for the Severino crews, as it was our first attempt at H-pile and timber lagging, and large panel MSE walls. During the late fall and winter, the pipe crews were converted into “shoring” and “wall” crews. The new waves of bridge design are utilizing MSE walls as the wings and abutments for the bridges. Once the walls are done the bridge crews can go to work on the seats, girders and decks. Not only are the bridge abutments constructed with MSE walls, but 1300’ of the northbound on-ramp embankment next to a swamp is held up by a wall that ranges anywhere from a 15’ to 30’ high.

80,000 CY of ledge was blasted on the side of Interstate 93 for the new southbound onramp. This was combined with 40,000 additional yards of import to complete the southbound off-ramp embankment.

  • Exel Distribution Center
  • Waste Management - Phase 10 Cell Construction
  • The Boulders at Riverwoods
  • The Brickyard - On-Site, Phase Two
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Brickyard Square - Phase 3
  • The Cottages of Durham
  • Rochester Shoppes

Exel Distribution Center

Exel Distribution Center

Starting in February, 2013 with an extremely aggressive schedule, work on the 17 acre site includes demolition of several small structures along with existing wells and septic system.  Approximately 15,000 CY of topsoil will be stripped and stockpiled, much having to be hauled offsite due to limited storage.  The remaining earthwork to bring the site to grade consists of 120,000 CY of excavation ranging from sand and gravel in old pit areas to a silty till along the higher elevations of the site near the entrance.  In addition, 35,000 CY of open and trench rock will need to be excavated, with 60,000 CY of structural fill within building and 75,000 CY of common fills outside building limits to bring site to grade.  Redi-Rock retaining walls will need to be constructed to accommodate steep grade change from Route 3A and the parking area along with two additional walls to retain slope fill at the easterly side of the project.

The new 246,000 SF building will include 2100' of foundation walls, 80 interior column piers and 3700' of underslab plumbing.  Final grading for the 8" slab will include placement of 6,200 CY of crushed gravel and fine grading a surface over four times bigger than Gillette Stadium!

The scope also includes over 3700' of drain pipe, 31 catch basins and manholes, a 14,000 SF underground detention system and several treatment swales and pond to complete the storm drain system.  The sewer system consists of a 2,000 SF leach field.  A 10" water service will be tapped off along the exterior of the lot to be looped upon completion of Phase Two.  Other site utilities include underground electric and gas, and site lighting conduit with 21 light poles.

Final phases include completing the five acres of parking and truck loading dock area with approximately 5,000 tons of paving and concrete. 

The project is scheduled for completion in early fall of this year.

Waste Management - Phase 10 Cell Construction

Phase 10 Cell Construction Project consists of constructing 12.8 acres of surface area for Waste Management to place refuse. It may not sound very complicated, but anytime you are working with a disposal facility nothing is as simple as it seems.

There are three cells that make up the Phase 10 construction area. Each cell had its own sectional thickness of materials to be placed. There were also layers of secondary liner, geocomposite, geosynthetic, primary liner and filter fabric materials on each cell that are installed by a liner subcontractor. Coordination with the liner contractor was critical as their material layers were intermixed with our material layers.

After completing subgrade, a 12 layer of low permeability material (clay) had to be put in place. The clay is what the liner crew installed their secondary liner on. The clay was placed, compacted, fine graded, and elevation verification shots taken to insure proper thickness. A 20 x 20 foot topo of the entire cell (3.5 acres) was completed after each layer of material for the as-built drawings.

Eight inch HDPE pipe was welded and installed on top of the secondary liner. As the liner and pipe work in the first cell were being installed, the next cell was being prepared for subgrade and placing clay as they did in the previous cell. The liner crew also moved from one cell to another placing secondary liner. As they moved down the cells, Severino went behind them and prepared the next layer of material, a 12 layer of sand. The same procedures were used with fine grading, verification shots, and topo. The liner crew went behind us and placed their layers of geocomposite, geosynthetic, primary liner and fabric, each crew going behind the other as their layers were completed.

As the liner crews installed their last layer of membranes, the pipe crews welded pipe to be placed on the primary liner layer. After the pipe was installed, an 18 layer of ¾" stone was placed to complete each cell construction.

Along with the cell construction, a leachate vault was installed at the top of the slope. Three 24 HDPE pipes were also installed to tie in the sump area at the bottom of the cell to the vault. Each pipe is approximately 120 lf long with the bottom 20 of the pipes being perforated. The pipes were welded at the top of the slope and lifted with two excavators. They were brought down the slope and placed. Twenty-five lf of the pipes lay flat in the sump with the remaining laying up the slope and into the vault. Mechanical and electrical work was done inside the vault and three pumps installed into the 24" pipes. These pumps will pump the leachate that is collected from water passing through the trash as the landfill is being constructed.

In all, 100,000 cy of material was moved and placed to accomplish subgrade; 62,000 sy of low permeability soil placed; 27,000 sy of secondary sand placed; 50,000 sy of stone placed and 8,500 lf of pipe welded and installed.

The Boulders at Riverwoods

Exeter, NH

The Boulders at Riverwoods is 96,000 SF two-story retirement housing community surrounded by 24 independent-living cottages located in Exeter, NH. Twenty-two acres of trees were cut to open the area for earthwork that included 80,000 CY of excavation, boulder removal and ledge, and 22,000 CY of structural fill to support the building footings and slab.

Utilities include of 4,000 lf of sewer pipe, 2,200 lf of water main, 7,500 lf of drainage pipe, 115 concrete drainage structures, 43,000 lf of stormwater detention galleries and a 16’ x 36’ three-sided box culvert.

11,000 of Redi-Rock retaining walls were installed and existing boulders were placed to construct another 2,000 sf.

20,000 CY of select gravels were covered by 5,600 tons of pavement. 10,000 lf of granite curb and 1,500 SY of concrete sidewalks were placed to finish the flatwork.

The site was completed with 30,000 SY of loam spread and seeded between the landscaping which consists of 350 trees, 720 shrubs and 2,580 perennials and groundcovers.

The Brickyard - On-Site, Phase Two

Epping, NH

In August of 2009, the second phase of construction started at The Brickyard. This work included the remainder of cut and fills to bring the site to sub-grade along with all utilities and paving for the first half of the site which is to include the Market Basket grocery store. The Store is planning to open in January-February 2010 requiring all site work to be completed by the end of November 2009. This schedule crammed an amount of work which normally would be spread over an entire season into a period of less than four months.

In August of 2009, the second phase of construction started at The Brickyard. This work included the remainder of cut and fills to bring the site to sub-grade along with all utilities and paving for the first half of the site which is to include the Market Basket grocery store. The Store is planning to open in January-February 2010 requiring all site work to be completed by the end of November 2009. This schedule crammed an amount of work which normally would be spread over an entire season into a period of less than four months.

Liberty Mutual

Dover, NH

The project began in spring of 2006 and was comprised of two separate projects. One of the projects was to rehabilitate the parking areas of the existing office building and publishing center which provided office space for over 1,500 employees. The second was to complete site work and parking garage for a new four story office building to facilitate an additional 2000 employees to campus.

The site work for the office building included the vast majority of work with extensive excavations and fills to accommodate the new structure and parking facilities. Over 100,000 CY of excavation was required in a variety of soil conditions ranging from ledge to wetlands, with the bulk being a silty clay based soil. In addition, over 60,000 CY of structural fill were imported to site to fill building and parking areas. The utilities included over 8,000 lf of drainage, 3800 lf of water main, and 500 lf of new sewer main along with 75 manholes and catch basins. Site electrical excavation and backfill was part of both projects including approximately 20,000 lf of trenching and over a dozen large manholes for electric and telephone conduits. To complete the project over 30,000 CY of gravel were placed, 8,000 tons of binder pavement placed and 23,000 lf of curbing installed, along with a precast pedestrian bridge and 500 lf of walkway to connect the new building with existing campus.

The rehab to the existing parking lot incorporated significant challenges of its own. All work needed to be done without disrupting normal operations of a facility which housed over 1,500 workers. Nearly 60,000 SY of existing pavement needed to be removed, the sub-base excavated and 32,000 CY of gravel placed. While this was happening, over 40 drainage structures were reconstructed and dozens of water and sewer structures needed to be adjusted prior to the placement of 6,000 tons of binder pavement. The site also included new electric and security conduits, underdrains, and 20,000 lf of curbing.

Both projects were completed in August of 2007, culminating 16 months of cooperative efforts with the General Contractor and dozens of subcontractors to provide Liberty Mutual with a campus that would more than double the workforce in Dover, NH.

Brickyard Square - Phase 3

Brickyard Square - Phase 3, Epping, NH

Phase 3 work began in March 2012.  This phase had yet to be graded and includes over 12,000 cy of excavation to be stockpiled for future use.  In addition, site work includes removal of over 6,000 cy of ledge several hundred cy of trench rock for site utilities.  The rock will be crushed on site and blended with sand to make structural fill for building pads.

Utilities in this phase include over 1,300 ft of drains, 14 structures, 250 cy of rip rap, roof leader stubs and a 1/4 acre gravel wetland.  Three hundred fifty feet of new 8" sewer, new manholes and 6" service stubs for new buildings will be installed.  also, a 1,000 gallon grease trap will be installed for O'Neil Cinemas to service the concession stand.

The water main will need to have over 200 ft of 12" DIP relocated and over 500 ft of new service stubs installed to complete the phase.  There will be 700 ft of new underground electric, telephone and cable conduit installed to tie in new buildings.  This will complete the UGE loop through the project and allow all utilities to be completed.

The parking areas will consist of over 4 acres of paving, 7,000 cy of gravels, 19,000 sy of fine grading and 2,500 tons of binder pavement.  This is primarily to complete the nearly 350 parking spaces that will be required for the cinema.  To complete the parking, there will be over 3,700 lf of slope granite curb, striping, signs and bollards along with complete landscaping and irrigation of islands.

To round up the restoration, guardrail and gates will be installed at the westerly limit of site, along with some minor landscaping of slopes and gravel wetland.  Final top pavement will be completed in phases beginning this July and continuing until all the buildings ae complete.

The Cottages of Durham

The Cottages of Durham

This project is located in the Town of Durham, NH and is intended to help supply housing for the nearby University of New Hampshire.  The site sits on a 41 acre parcel with woods surrounding the site.  Privately owned and managed, the project consists of 41 single and duplex buildings that will occupy 619 residents along with a clubhouse and outdoor pool.

Town sewer and water will be installed along with natural gas and underground electrical.  Paved roadways, granite curbing, concrete and paved walkways are all to be installed once the 24,000 cy of excavation and 75,000 cy of embankment materials have been placed.

The project will be built in four phases, completing in the fall of 2012.

Rochester Shoppes

Rochester, NH

The Flatley owned property at Exit 13 in Rochester, NH was no stranger to Severino when the project started in September of 2006. The relationship started as a “cleanup” of an abandoned development that failed in the late 80’s. Unprocessed ledge piles and unblasted ledge faces rendered the site undevelopable. After a few years of being able to process the material for use on other projects, the developer pulled the trigger with some big name tenants. Lowe’s, Kohl’s and Starbucks all came to the table with aggressive schedules.

The Severino crews went to work on the 39 acre site immediately. 100,000 CY of ledge still needed to be blasted. 60,000 CY of existing uncompacted fills needed to be reconsolidated in the Lowe’s and Kohl’s building pads. The Kohl’s pad was completed in the late fall of 2006.

Pipe crews laid the deep drainage trunk line all winter while the Lowe’s building pad and parking lot were blasted.

When spring hit, the Lowe’s pad deadline was June 1st and the offsite work was started. A new southbound on-ramp was constructed, and Route 202 was widened to accommodate left turn lanes and increased traffic flow. A new sewer main was constructed a half mile up to the site from the downtown area.

Crews diligently worked towards the October 1st deadlines for the three stores. It seemed as though paving occurred once or twice a week (and nights on the offsite) as the deadline was met.

  • Lincoln Area Sewer Separation
  • Main St. Reconstruction

Lincoln Area Sewer Separation

Lincoln Area Sewer Separation, Portsmouth, NH

Lincoln Area Sewer Separation located in downtown Portsmouth, NH is the largest pipe project that Severino Trucking has had to date.  The main purpose of this $5.5M project is to separate the storm water system from the sewer system.

In order to do this, 2500 lf of new 30" PVC sewer main will be installed along with 850 lf of 24", 550 lf of 12", 440 lf of 10" and 2200 lf of 8" that will connect six side roads and re-route 1300 lf of cross county sewer that now exists.  One hundred thirty homes will also have new sewer services installed.

The storm water that currently runs into the sewer system will now run in a new drainage system consisting of 1700 lf of 48" RCP pipe along with 4500 lf of new drainage pipe that ranges from 12" to 42".

Not to be left out is the installation of 3800 lf of 12" DI water pipe and 2400 lf of 8" DI water pipe along with almost 4,000 lf of service pipes to the existing homes.

This is a particularly challenging job not only because of the tight quarters, but the depth of the pipe (up to 18') and the 12' of ledge that needs to be removed.  The project began on September 7, 2010 and is scheduled for completion summer of 2012.

Main St. Reconstruction

Newmarket, NH

This project consisted of utility replacement and complete roadway reconstruction in the heart of downtown Newmarket, NH, providing existing homes and businesses with new sewer and water services. The project included 1,100 lf of 10” and 8” sewer mains, 3,800 lf of 16”, 12” and 8” water mains and 2,800 lf of drainage.

In addition, overhead cabling was replaced with 65,000 feet of conduit to provide new underground power, phone and cable services. New granite curb, concrete sidewalks and ornamental light poles finished the new look of the downtown area.

The major challenge was to complete the work while limiting the impact on the downtown businesses. Traffic was redirected to one-way in order to maintain traffic flow and adequate parking. Work was done in 3 phases to accommodate the needs of the businesses, the traffic and the construction work.

Directions to Current Projects


I-93 at Exit 5 in Londonderry.
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Bunker Hill Subdivision, Stratham, NH

Route 101 to Exit 11 toward Route 33, Stratham/Portsmouth.  Turn onto Route 108N.  Follow to Stratham Police Station and take first right onto Bunker Hill Ave.  Subdivision is directly after the Town Hall on the right near #32.

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Village Common, Barrington, NH

Route 125 to Route 9E (at Irving Station).  Follow Route 9E approximately 1/2 mile.  Subdivision is just past the Middle School near #434 Franklin Pierce Highway on the left.

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Manchester #14966

I-293 at Exit 4 in Manchester.

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Somersworth Downtown

From Route 16, take Exit 9 toward Dover, Route 108. Keep right to take Route 108 toward Dover/Somersworth. Turn slight right onto Indian Brook Drive. Indian Brook Drive becomes High Street and jobsite is approximately 2.8 miles from the exit..

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